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Villa brothers farm was founded by Gianfranco and Giancarlo Villa in the 80s. The farm is specialized in fruits production and wholesale: peaches “nettarine”, kiwi, apricots and plums. Today the new generation of entrepreneurs, Matteo and Luca, are looking to the future with new variety of fruits which are closer to the current market demand but keeping the traditional way of field cultivation learned by their parents. The farm follows all the production processes: cultivation, harvesting, selection, packaging and branding. The farm is capable to meet specific client’s requests for niche production.  One of the farm’s strength is the time delivery: In less 18 hours the consumers can be reached.

All processes are carefully checked in line following strict regulations to ensure safety, quality and freshness.

The farm has also invested in the production of sustainable energy with the installation in 2010 of PV panels and soon it will be ready the green lodge for tourists who wish to spend unforgettable time in the countryside among oaks and mulberries.



 Growing up with our fruits will give sweet dreams to our future…